Ascendant Hits PS4 August 25

After two months since its release, Ascendant will finally be available to play on the PS4 after it was announced today by Benjamin Crocker, the co-founder of Hapa Games.  The first project from the company, the game made a remarkable turnout and was highly anticipated as a PS4 release to add to any indie game lovers library.  A side-scrolling beat ’em up, Ascendant puts you in the shoes of a demigod who needs to beat up any and all enemies in your way.

One of the most popular aspects of this game, however, is the ability to use Blessings, a type of improvement magic that improves armor, weapons and spells to help defeat all the rivals that stand in your path.  The Blessings are named and based off of actual mythological gods and deities, allowing a better insight to what the Blessing actually does, (if familiar with the myths) and over twenty of them will be available throughout the game.

More information regarding these Blessings can be found on the Ascendant Wiki page.

With this being Hapa Games’ very first project, they’ve received nothing but praise for the work that was put into the development of the game and now it will be out for PS4 players later next month.  The game is currently available on Steam for players who want to get in on the action before downloading the PS4 version.

Check out the trailer below: