Ink Your Calendars! Splatoon getting New Free Content on August 6

Splatoon already contains a plethora of content, and its about to get more. Nintendo have announced that a free software update is coming to the third-person shooter, adding in new content. This content includes two new multiplayer modes, weapon types, more than 40 pieces of gear, and an increase to Splatoon’s level cap.

This new update adds Squad Battle and Private Battle as playable modes. In Squad Battle, players participate in multiplayer battles with friends instead of teaming up with random players. Like other multiplayer games, all it takes is one player to create a squad and then friends can join. Friends in a squad will always play on the same team.

Private Battles adds private, customisable matches to Splatoon. Two to eight friends can join in the festivities and can select their favorite map, mode, and weapons to use in the match.

Originally, the level cap was set at 20. After this patch, the level cap will be raised to level 50. In addition, players will be able to earn S and S+ rankings in multiplayer matches, higher than the current A+.

Finally, two new weapon types are being added. First up is the bucket-like Slosher weapon type that hurls ink straight ahead. These weapons have great range, and are capable of splatting opponents who are high up or on the other side of a wall. The Splatling weapon type is similar to a gatling gun. Players can charge these weapons to unleash considerable damage.

The free update is available August 6, and will not be the end of the promised free content. Splatoon is available now exclusively on Wii U.