Insomniac Games has “No Plans” to Port Sunset Overdrive to Other Platforms

Still holding your breath for Sunset Overdrive on, at least, PC? Well you might as well give up, as Insomniac Games has no plans to bring the wacky third-person game to any other platform.

A fan recently took to the Insomniac forums arguing for a PC version. He listed numerous former Xbox One exclusives – Ryse: Son of Rome, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, and Dead Rising 3 – that were eventually ported to PC. Alas, Sunset Overdrive won’t be joining that list. Community Admin Vitti shot down the suggestion, and wouldn’t share any details on the contract the developer signed with Microsoft.

“We have no plans to release Sunset Overdrive on any other platform. We also don’t discuss contracts.”

Vitti also declined to discuss sales data, but did refute the original poster’s claim that Sunset Overdrive only sold 320,000 units. At this moment in time, we have no idea how well Sunset Overdrive sold. What we do know is that the game did not crack the Top 10 in NPD’s October 2014 report.

Sunset Overdrive launched October 2014 exclusively on Xbox One. The game is bright, vibrant, and makes the apocalypse seem pretty awesome, especially compared to games