Race the Sun Dispenses With the Sun in Sunrise DLC

Race the Sun is two experiences in one.  First it’s a white-knuckle ride through an endless world of one-hit death, speeding along just barely in control as the ground flashes by far too close below the plane’s wings.  Second, it’s an exhilarating sense of speed and freedom as you skim the surface and dance the plane through the scenery, always taking every opportunity to make the sunset last just a few seconds longer.  In Race the Sun’s surprise release of the new Sunset DLC, the focus is on that second aspect, after the sun has set and a peaceful, starry night rules the sky and is reflected in the smooth ground below.  The plane is fully fueled, no solar power needed, zipping along a serene, dream-like world past castles and columns and hills, with no goal other than to enjoy the feeling of the experience.  Check out the lovely trailer below to see Sunrise in after-hours flight.