Street Fighter V Beta Postponed Indefinitely

It looks like fighting game fans will have to wait even longer before getting their hands on Street Fighter V. Capcom has announced through their Unity blog that the beta that was scheduled to go live last Friday has been postponed indefinitely due to unfortunate server issues. Originally they were going to work out the kinks as the beta went along, but things didn’t go as planned.

Granted, this is what the beta was meant for as you never want to see this at the launch of a game, but still, it isn’t the most positive press for the fifth iteration in the beloved fighting game franchise, especially considering the beta has been heavily advertised as a pre-order bonus.

Capcom has been having a lot of trouble with Street Fighter on PlayStation 4. First, Ultra Street Fighter IV turned out to be a crummy port of a great game, and then on Friday, this unfortunate incident occurred. This is the first of potentially multiple betas, so this early look was meant to gauge their server capabilities, something they definitely will need to work on before its release in eight months. More information regarding when the beta will come back online will be posted as it comes in.

Street Fighter V will be available for PS4 and PC March 2016.