You Can Play Half-Life on a Watch Now

What a weird world we live in. Half-Life now runs on your watch, courtesy of YouTuber Dave Bennett, who managed to get the 17-year-old PC game running on an Android Wear smartwatch.

Yes, Half-Life, the one with Gordon Freeman. No, this isn’t some weird mobile free-to-play spinoff — this is the full version of Half-Life. Bennett said that he intended on making a tutorial to show people how to play the game on their Android phones, but out of curiosity wanted to see if an Android Wear smartwatch could run the game. Turns out it can.

Bennett makes it clear in the video that this is merely a proof of concept: the frame rate is anywhere from a smooth 60 frames per second all the way down to 2 fps, and it just looks miserable to control using the tiny watch face. Still, it’s very impressive that the watch is able to run it at all.

Bennett has posted instructions here if you have an Android Wear watch and want to mess around with it.