Freedom Planet and Others Added to Humble Jumbo Bundle 4

Last week, the Humble Jumbo Bundle 4 was released. It’s already a must-have at the basic tier, but really became a must-buy today with some additions to the beat the average tier. Paying a bit more than $5 used to get you Outland, Fallen Enchantress, and Mercenary Kings (in the pay what you want tier) as well as the BTA games. Those were Endless Space, The Stanley Parable, and The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II.

Today, Screencheat, Freedom Planet, and Coin Crypt were added to the mix. Freedom Planet alone hasn’t sold for less than $7.50 since its release and is well-worth owning for anyone who grew up loving 2D Sonic games and always wanted one that took advantage of 32-bit hardware. Screencheat is a must for anyone who loved N64 split-screen shooters, and uses distinct map designs to aid players in kills.