Humble Neo-Geo Android Bundle Now Available

The Neo-Geo was an iconic gaming platform in both arcades and consoles in the ’90s. Its power was unmatched for 2D gaming, and its price tag has still never quite been equaled with a $600 price for the console and $200+ for games. Neo-Geo games have been monetized in many ways over the years, and have been released for quite a while on mobile devices. The new Humble Neo-Geo Android Bundle brings together 11 possible games spread across two tiers.

Mark of the Wolves is one of the best fighters out there, and you can never go wrong with a Metal Slug game when you just want to shoot things. Beating the average of a shade under $5 gets you all of those games plus Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Shodown II, Metal Slug, Metal Slug 3, King of Fighters ’98, and Beast Busters Featuring KOF Deluxe. Having played everything there but Beast Busters, I can recommend this bundle wholeheartedly. SamSho II is one of the finest fighters ever released on the Neo-Geo platform, and in its day, it was a visual beast that blew away its predecessor.