King’s Quest Chapter 1 Now Available, Launch Trailer Released

King’s Quest is a Telltale-esque game that tells the story of Graham, a knight that will one day become king. This is a prequel game that is told by King Graham himself, to his granddaughter who wants to know more about her grandfather’s life.

King’s Quest will be an episodic game, so “A Night to Remember” is only just Chapter 1. There will be five chapters and an epilogue to finish it out. The game is much like a Telltale game, but at E3 this year, the developers at The Odd Gentleman said that it will focus more on action than a Telltale game and will have the player more heavily involved.

What we’ve seen of the game so far looks interesting, and it seems to be a good step in storytelling for the franchise, as this game started out back in 1984 as a text adventure.

Check out the launch trailer below: