Red Ash Gets a Playable Prototype as Kickstarter Nears Its End

The Red Ash Kickstarter is in its final days and in need of a helping hand to reach its goal.  A strong start could only impart so much momentum, and the earliness of the campaign in the game’s development cycle didn’t help.  I’ve already put my opinion out there once, though, so no need to retread old ground.  The short version is that, with five days left on the clock and 40% of the goal left to go, it’s time to go big.  A full gameplay demo would be nice but isn’t really possible, though, so instead a playable “mock-up” has been released to see the characters in action.

The mock-up area is small but has a few fun things to discover.  You start as Beck from Mighty No. 9 and can change characters as you explore and chat with NPCs.  The area is a small room with a few secrets, so it won’t take more than half an hour to wring everything from the demo, but it’s a nice little sliver of ultra-early gameplay.  Beck and friends can run, jump, kick, hang from handholds, and explore the area in a very promising way, and if it’s a bit stiff that’s hard to hold against something so obviously still in a prototyping stage.  The Unity demo comes in both downloadable and web browser versions, so head on over to Red Ash’s newest update and give it a good once-over.