The Swindle Gently Staves in the Back of Steam’s Skull, Pilfers a Release Spot

The Swindle sneaked its way onto the radar during PAX East way back in March and now, just a few months later, it’s officially released for both PC and PS4.  The stealthy heist game casts you as both a mastermind sitting free of danger and the hired goon breaking into secure buildings and escaping with as much loot as you dare to chase after.  Rather than being a stealth game, though, The Swindle is a 2D side-scrolling action rogue-like, as much about applying a truncheon to someone’s skull as it is about not being seen.  Both are useful tools, of course, but the trick to survival is knowing whether sneakiness or beatings is the right one for the job.  Get it wrong and your thief is dead, never to rise again, replaced by the next unique character with their own individual quirks and abilities.  Death is bad for more than just the obvious reasons, because not only do you lose a day of thieving while the calendar is working its way to the end of your 100 day crime-spree, you also lose all the loot you collected plus a character you’ve probably gotten fairly fond of.  That’s a large price to pay for getting greedy or careless, but nobody ever said the thug life was easy.  Check out the trailer below to see what The Swindle has to offer, and then decide if the roguelike action-heist life is for you.