Drinkbox Studios Delays Severed

Severed, one of the most promising titles set to hit the PlayStation Vita in the near future, has seen an indefinite delay.

In an email sent out to the press, Drinkbox’s Alex van Lepp announced that while the team was hoping to release the first-person dungeon-crawler this Summer, there would need to be at least a couple more months of polish after hitting the Alpha stage in order to deliver the best title possible. Here’s his official statement on the matter:

So, why are we sending you this message? Well, we wanted to give you a quick update on the progress of Severed. The good news is that Severed is days away from hitting Alpha! The bad news is the game won’t be out this summer as we had previously expected. Severed is a really different game from anything we’ve made before and we want to take a few additional months for playtesting and tuning so that we can make it the best game it can be. 

If any other developments arise, we’ll be sure to let you know in the near future, but it looks like Severed is going to be a Fall 2015 title at best and an early 2016 title at worst.