Iconoclasts Coming to PS4 and Vita, Looking for Greenlight Love

Iconoclasts has been out of the spotlight for a while now but today, thanks to the big announcement on the Playstation Blog it lives in the public eye again.  So where has it been for the last few years?  Under heavy, endless, semi-infinite development, of course.  Iconoclasts is a puzzle-platformer 2D side-scrolling gorgeously pixel-art adventure with giant bosses, and these things take time.  The sole developer, Konjak of Noitu Love fame, has been plugging away since 2010, but just like Axiom Verge there’s a serious amount of work involved even for a larger team, which is why he’s roped in Bifrost Entertainment (developer of the incredible-looking Myriad) for help with the PS4 and Vita versions.  The release date is still unknown, given only as “hopefully before we all drive flying cars”, which may or may not be optimistic.

Probably the biggest reason to be excited is that a brief look made me immediately think “Genesis-era Treasure by way of Monster World”, which instantly flips every fanboy button in my brain.  The reveal video below doesn’t show off the Treasure aspect too much but give a look at this boss encounter to see the influence in action.  The story promises to be far more in-depth than either of Iconoclasts main influences, though, starring a helpful young female mechanic named Robin, operating outside of the authority of One Concern, the world’s religious authority.  That’s never going to work out easily, so Robin is joined by a cast of appealing pixel-art characters as she makes her way through the world trying to do what’s right while consequences happen all around her.  Thankfully, many of these consequences lead to giant robot encounters, so obviously she’s doing something right.

While the PS4 and Vita versions are definitely coming eventually, Steam still needs a bit of help in the Greenlight department.  Head on over and give it a vote, or check out the ultra-early prototype off Konjak’s home page first.