Splatoon’s New Multiplayer Modes Detailed

We’ve all been having a lot of fun with Splatoon with both Turf War and Rank Battles, but there’s a bit more coming to the game this August. With fans clamoring for more private matches, Nintendo gladly announced multiplayer modes geared specifically toward those wanting to play together.

So, in the big update, players will be able to form teams with friends and take on others. Squad Battles allow you and some partners to take part in Ranked Battles together. Squads can be made up of groups of two and will be paired with another group of two. If you have a four-Inkling squad you’ll face-off against another group of four. They will all be made up of players with similar rankings, hopefully making it more fair. There’s also an option to have a group of three but you will battle with a group of four if you’re feeling lucky.

In addition to Squad Battles, there will be room for Private Battle allowing players to play as long as they want. In these battles, there’s options to choose different stages and types of matches. You won’t earn points or any sort of ranking which is perfect for those looking for bragging rights. There’s also a passcode that must be entered in order to join Private Battles, it’ll keep all those pesky kids out of the room.

There you have it, we’re sure to receive more details on these battles and more as the time draws closer to the big update.

Check out some detailed screenshots below: