Wii U Sales Pass 10 Million and Splatoon Sells 1.62 Million Units

Nintendo posted its Q1 fiscal report today revealing sales of its consoles and recently released software. Overall, Q1 was a success for Nintendo with the company posting ¥90.2 billion ($729 million) in revenue for a total profit of ¥8.3 billion ($67 million) . Last year, in the same period, Nintendo posted a ¥9.9 billion loss.

After two-and-a-half years on the market, Wii U sales have finally hit the 10 million mark. However, Wii U sales were down compared to the same quarter last year. This year, the Wii U sold 470,000 units compared to 510,000 units last year. The 3DS enjoyed a more successful Q1, selling 1.01 million units this year compared with 820,000 last year. The launch of the New 3DS may have helped with sales.

Despite the drop in Wii U console sales, software for the system sold very well. Splatoon, which launched late May, has sold 1.62 million units worldwide. A strong number for a brand new IP. Overall, a total of 4.55 million games were sold for Wii U in Q1. 7.92 million games were sold on 3DS.

No word on Amiibo sales as Nintendo did not publish any sales data. All the company had to say was that Amiibo sales were “favorable.”