Fuze Entertainment Fully Funds Red Ash

Since its announcement Red Ash caught the attention of fans around the world, and apparently the attention of Fuze Entertainment.

According to the Red Ash Kickstarter, Red Ash: The KalKanon Incident is ready for development and will be ported to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, all thanks to Fuze.

Fuze Entertainment is a Chinese digital entertainment company that deals in the production of console hardware and console games. Comcpet says the deal is a result of them working behind the scenes and Fuze joining as backers is all that hard work paying off. They also say that it’s a done deal and The KalKanon Incident will be developed to completion with the initial goals for the game’s content. Comcept also points out that the game’s rights, creative discretion, and decisions will all be retained by Comcept.

So what does this mean about the Kickstarter? Well all of your hard earned money will reportedly go towards adding more content to the game. The pledges are now considered a contribution to stretch goals that will be introduced at a later time. Comcept also wants you to continue your support to add more content to the game as the game will definitely be created and whatever else is added is purely up to you.

As of this writing Red Ash’s Kickstarter is at $488,973 of a $800,000 goal.