Official Splatoon Keychains Released in Japan

Like many gamers these days, here at Harcore Gamer we love Splatoon. It’s the perfect summer game, full of bright colors and endless replayability, and when we’re not leading our squid squads to victory we’re dreaming of living life as an Inkling. While that transformation seems to be sightly out of reach for the time being, a set of official Splatoon keychains now available in Japan might just be the next best option for players looking to show off their Inkling pride wherever they go.

Available in 6 colors, the Splatoon keychains are distributed by Takara Tomy in gashapon machines throughout Japan. Each keychain costs a measley 200 yen, so Splatoon fans looking to import shouldn’t have too much trouble tracking down a complete set without breaking the bank.