Psyonix Reveals Details on Rocket League’s First DLC and New Update

Developer Psyonix announced on Thursday new details for Rocket League’s first paid DLC expansion, Supersonic Fury Pack.

The Supersonic Fury Pack will introduce two new vehicles — the “American muscle car” Dominus and “souped-up Japanese street racer” Takumi — with each car having six different customisable decals to choose from.

Aside from the addition of Dominus and Takumi, the DLC will have new rocket boosters in the form of Nitrous and Burnout, two new wheel sets — the Spinner and the football-themed Cristiano — new trophies and five car colours: Brushed Metal, Carbon Fiber, Metallic Pearl, Pearlescent and Wood.

Jeremy Dunham, vice president of marketing at Psyonix, confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that Supersonic Fury Pack is scheduled for release in early August and will be retailing at $3.99 on the PlayStation Store.

Paid DLC won’t be the only the support that the title is receiving, as Psyonix is planning to implement a free update that includes a new map, Utopia Coliseum, and the addition of 70 country flags.

Spectator Mode is also a long-awaited feature making its way to Rocket League as part of the upcoming update, adding the option for players to watch ongoing matches from “any angle in the arena.”

According to Dunham, the development team will be making subtle improvements to goal explosions and demolitions, while electronic artist Hollywood Principle will have one of their songs featuring in the title: “Firework.”

Sony included Rocket League as one of the downloadable PlayStation Plus titles for the month of July. Psyonix recently tweeted that since Rocket League’s release on July 7, the title has surpassed five million downloads.

The first screenshots for Takumi and Dominus can be viewed below.