Reminder: Dark Pit Available at Best Buy Tomorrow

It was announced that Dark Pit would be available at Best Buy some time ago and now with Palutena being on (hopefully) everyone’s shelves, the time has come for Dark Pit to enter the battle.  The amiibo will only be available in store, despite its appearance on the Best Buy website.  According to leaked information from a Best Buy associate, about a hundred of these figures will be available at every Best Buy in North America so standing in front of the store at 3 in the morning might not be something you’ll be doing this time around.  Despite previous amiibo releases, Palutena lasted a lot longer than what was originally intended by fans, hopefully paving the way to much smoother releases in the future.

No news yet about the other Wave 5 amiibos, (Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf, Doctor Mario, Olimar, and Bowser Jr), their release dates, or their exclusivity to certain stores in North America.

Good luck and happy hunting!