Super Smash Bros. Gets Tournament Mode, New DLC

Nintendo has been showing Splatoon a lot of love lately, but that doesn’t mean it’s forgotten the titanic package that is Super Smash Bros. The Japanese company has promised periodic updates since the game’s release on Wii U last November, and today it has finally delivered the long-awaited Tournament Mode, along with a YouTube upload feature.

Players can now create and compete in tournaments online, and can upload replays to YouTube directly from their consoles. Nintendo also released a new slate of DLC for both the 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros., including new Mii Fighters skins and two classic stages. The full list is as follow:

-Mii Figher Costumes

  • Bear Suit Set
  • King K. Rool Set
  • Flying Man Set
  • Chrom Set
  • Black Knight Set
  • Lloyd Set
  • Samus’ Armor


  • N64 Peach’s Castle
  • N64 Hyrule Castle

Each Mii Fighter outfit is available for $0.75 each on either version, or $1.15 for both 3DS and Wii U. You can get them all for $6 on one system, or $9 on both. The stages will set you back $2 each on one version, on $3 for both. Finally, you can buy all of the new DLC together in a bundle on one system for $10, or on both platforms for $15.