Superhot Enters Closed Beta, Gets Trailer of Shattered Crystalline Violence

Superhot continues its stop-motion advance towards being one of the most creative FPSes ever by entering its closed beta today.  If you didn’t back the Kickstarter at the $40 tier there’s no way to buy in, but as a consolation prize the new trailer shows off a set of fantastic scenarios and the new rewind feature.  Make a mistake?  Don’t like where you ended up?  Hit space to rewind time and try again better.  The new trailer also does a great job of demonstrating the versatility of the throw function.  Each enemy is armed and there’s plenty of them, so there’s no shortage of weapons.  Why count bullets when you can toss a gun or bottle, stunning and disarming the enemy so you can snatch his gun from midair and turn him into a shattered collection of ruby shards?  The violence is slow and stylish in stopped time, and lightning-fast and stylish at full speed, with enemies breaking with a single hit but coming from all sides.  As of today it’s beta-time, so hopefully that means an official release can’t be too many months off.