Dead or Alive Extreme 3 is Being Developed

Today, at Dead or Alive Festival, Yosuke Hayashi announced that the third installment in the Dead or Alive Extreme series was in development.

The Dead or Alive Extreme series gives fans, and their beloved fighters, a break from all the fighting action and replaces it with presents, mini games, and hardcore volleyball. The last time a game in the sub-series was released was 2006 in Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 and fans have been chomping at the bit for a new release. Given that we’re in the next generation of consoles it’s only fitting that fans get their voices heard.

Courtesy of raven777, here’s a translation of Hayashi’s announcement:

“There is a game where female DOA characters are having a vacation at south island. Fans having been asking for that game. It is actually the number 1 request from the fans. I have been acting as if I was ignoring these requests. But we have actually begun developing that game, the latest installment. It’s still very early in development so we can’t give more details, but I want to announce today that we are making the game.”

That being said Hayashi also announced that the game is being developed exclusively for the Japan and Asia markets, so no western localization in mind. I think we can all foresee a petition on forming very soon.