Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Final DLC Pack Releases Tomorrow

The fourth Call of Duty downloadable content pack is almost upon us. Advanced Warfare has done DLC right by including some new gameplay mechanics and modes that do greatly expand the game’s replay value. Map packs have also breathed new life into multiplayer action, which remains the most action-packed yet in the franchise. The fourth DLC pack concludes the Exo Zombies storyline with Descent, while the new overload map gives you some of the most stunning sights yet. The quarantine map takes place on an island, and features a lot of tight corners to ratchet up the speed. Fracture is an icy area that will send some players into the depths thanks to the ice cracking.

The final new map is swarm, taking place in Seoul with a lot of narrow corridors. This area seems perfect for close-quarters combat, mixed with some cover provided by storefronts. The biggest gameplay change is the inclusion of an exo grapple playlist. This gives you the grappling gun from the campaign in Reckoning’s multiplayer maps, and should really give people craving a blend of Bionic Commando with an FPS something to sink their teeth into. At $15, this pack includes a lot of content and should please anyone who has enjoyed the game up to this point.