Nintendo Has Sold More amiibo than Wii Us

Nintendo of Japan just released a new corporate social responsibility report, and while that might sound pretty boring on its face, it comes with a really interesting tidbit: Nintendo has sold more amiibo than Wii U consoles.

According to the report, Nintendo had sold 10.5 million amiibo. In the same timeframe, it had sold just 9.54 million Wii U consoles globally. In some ways, that’s not a surprise given the price and functionality of each—amiibo are collectible figurines with gameplay hooks, while a Wii U is, well, just a console and you only need one of those—but still, the number is pretty fascinating all the same. That’s a lot of amiibo.

And yet, that’s just half the story. Nintendo’s report mentions that the figures are accurate only as of March 2015. As of June 30, Nintendo has sold 10.01 Wii Us, which is a pretty modest increase. But as of July 29, Nintendo has sold 14.7 million amiibo. Now that’s a lot of amiibo.