Sneaky Unnamed Thief-Like Moves with Dark Grace

It may have been a while since the last Thief game but that’s no reason to let its gameplay molder.  Joe Wintergreen of Impromptu Games has been working on a Thief-like for the last few months and recently uploaded a gameplay video to show off what he’s done so far.  It’s incredibly early, the UI is best described as “functional”, certain textures are obviously placeholder, and the guards are simple-geometry mannequins.  Everything else, on the other hand, looks fantastically playable.

The unnamed Thiefygame (that’s the Youtube video’s title) is shown off in a test level designed to let the thief run through its moveset.  The medieval city is a maze of rooftops, balconies, and buildings packed conveniently close together, giving an enterprising thief the run of the place.  The town is patrolled by armed guards, of course, and they look to be smart enough to be fun to play with in a world designed for maximum sneaky mobility.  Check out the storage room at 3:30, for example.  Not only can you crouch-hide in the darkness of the shelves, but the rafters are conveniently laid out as a pitch-black path for stealthy navigation.  I’m also fond of the way not just the guard but the entire section of the room lights up when hit with a fire arrow, which on one hand satisfies my inner pyro but also has the consequence of brightening an area that was previously fairly dark.

Thiefygame is, obviously, very early right now, but the combination of 90s-era FPS level design mixed with a touch of Mirror’s Edge parkour and a whole lot of Thief makes it one to keep an eye on.  Plot and objectives will probably make their way in later, but right now it’s fun just watching the movement and seeing different ways the level can be traversed.  The town looks like both place and playground, and if the full game this demo level turns into can keep the sense of design then whatever the point of Thiefygame may be, it should be a lot of fun tormenting its protectors while robbing its citizens blind.