The Five Most Memorable Moments in the Metal Gear Solid Franchise

After multiple screenshots, trailers and not to mention the Konami-Kojima debacle, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is only a month away. While this may be the last Metal Gear Solid game for Kojima, his critically acclaimed series has not only given us unbelievable characters and epic narratives, but some of the greatest moments in video game history that extend beyond the series. Time and time again, Metal Gear Solid has always been a series that many look forward to and for good reason. It’s difficult to name everyone, but here are the five best moments in the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Entering Shadow Moses for the first time:


Seriously, who doesn’t remember the first section of Shadow Moses? Getting out of the submarine and encountering the first batch of enemies was intimidating to say the least. Looking back, it’s not that difficult now but back then, it was unclear what to expect. From hiding behind the large crates to crawling under the barriers, that first section set the tone for what was to come next. Seeing Snake hop on the elevator, only to reveal his full appearance, gave us a sense that this character was a complete bad ass. But seeing Liquid Snake take off in his helicopter was the spark that got everyone hooked.

Psycho Mantis boss fight:

maxresdefault (4)

Psycho Mantis is hands down the most interesting and innovative boss battle in not just the franchise itself, but in gaming as a whole. Fighting Manits for the first time had many of us scratching our heads; and for good reason. It was infuriating when CQC was not doing any damage and Snake was losing over and over again. But here is where the genius of Kojima comes in. Players had to switch from port one to port two on their controller. This aspect was totally an out-of-the-box idea that no other video game creator was doing. Not to mention that Mantis could read our memory cards which was bizarre in itself and fit the character perfectly.

Playing as Raiden:


It was hard to contain the excitement of those who purchased Zone of the Enders to play the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty demo. Seeing Snake with improved graphics was one of the highlights of the PS2 generation, and to no surprise, sneaking around the tanker had us wondering what the full game would be like. The full game, however, was not what many expected. Sure, playing Snake in the first chapter was awesome as expected, but Big Shell was a different story. Rather than the legendary Solid Snake, Sons of Liberty focused on Raiden, a former child soldier who is a member of FOXHOUND. As the demo gave no hint of playing a new character, many were outraged by the fact that Snake would not be the focal point.

Fighting The Boss:

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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is definitely the oddball of the franchise, but one of the most beautifully crafted parts of Snake Eater is the final confrontation with The Boss. Fighting in a sea of flowers as petals floated down was something special. And the fact that there was no music in the background only added to the somber ending.

Confronting Big Boss:

maxresdefault (5)

Just when Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots appeared to be over, Kojima had one more surprise up his sleeve. Seeing Solid Snake and Big Boss confront each other was epic and while the half hour scene was complete fan service, it brought closure to Solid Snake’s story. Many may think that the scene went on for too long, but lets face it, everyone wanted to see those two characters interact.