Microsoft and Seagate Announce 2TB External HDD for Xbox Consoles

Microsoft and Seagate are teaming up to release an all new 2TB external HDD for Xbox One and Xbox 360. The HDD connects to any Xbox One or Xbox 360 via USB 3.0. and provides the additional 2TB of storage on top of the current amount installed on the Xbox console. Seagate has specifically designed the HDD for Xbox consoles, including using the green and black color scheme associated with the platform.

The Seagate HDD will be available later this year for $109.99. If that price seems a little high, there are always alternative options. Though you can’t replace the internal HDD without voiding the warranty, all Xbox One and all modern Xbox 360 units are compatible with any USB 3.0 external HDD. For example, here’s another 2TB external HDD from Seagate that costs significantly less. If you don’t mind not getting the Xbox color scheme, than this is the better option.