Rare Shares A Rare Glimpse of Kameo 2

Kameo being a part of the newly released Rare Replay video game compilation might be the best thing that is going to come out of the beloved Rare title.  This wasn’t the case a few years ago though, when the second installment of the game was announced to be in development with concept art being leaked.  The project was officially confirmed to be cancelled in 2013 by Phil Spencer, stating that “it’s not something we’re currently working on.”  With the newly released Rare Replay, we’re given the opportunity to delve in the world of what would have been Kameo 2 through a video located within the main menu of the game.

Narrated by Peter Hentze, one of the concept artists for Kameo 2, the video shows a lot of the concept art and character designs that would have been utilized for the game.  This is most likely not some kind of implication that Kameo 2 is underway, but it’s nice to see some background information for what would have most likely been a great game.

Check out the video below: