Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Gets Gamescom 2015 Trailer

A successful Kickstarter project, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is a pretty, JRPG-style, cel-shaded, open-world action-RPG from French indie developer Enigami. It is an interesting new and ambitious RPG with five playable characters, a large colorful world and other more unusual treats like its own indigenous language created specifically for the game world, and an accompanying manga-style comic.

Fortunately, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom has been picked up by Focus Interactive who will be publishing the game for its release sometime next year. Of course, in light of Gamescom, a new trailer for the game has come out featuring the game’s wonderful world, its lively characters, and its energetic combat. For now, Shiness looks like it will be right up any action-JRPG fan’s alley and does stand to be a bit different from most high-profile role-playing games of late.

For a look at Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, check out the Gamecom 2015 trailer below. Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is set for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac/Linux.