PlayStation 4 Update 3.0: What We Need

Both PlayStation and Xbox have had some creative User Interface systems, both with the Cross Media Bar on PS3 and the tile interface of the 360, and both have had their quirks. Now, with the new interface of the PS4, Sony has made a lot of improvements and innovations, but again, there are some things that could use improving.

The PlayStation’s interface is set up in a row of squares that you scroll back and forth from your most recently played games, to Library, which holds all the games you haven’t played in a long time. The problem with this is organization. There is no sense of control when it comes to this setup, and a new organizational system, maybe folders or something more similar to the XMB, would be greatly appreciated. It’s hard to find things when there are no folders and no way to search for a game. The top menu bar with Notifications, Messages, Trophies, and all that are fine, it’s just the games themselves that feel disorderly. So there doesn’t need to be a complete overhaul, but just some new features that would make navigation a bit easier.

Another thing that could be improved on is Twitch streaming. It’s great that PS4 and Xbox One have built streaming into the system, but when streamers are using third party software and a separate PC to capture, it’s common to hear that Xbox One is a lot easier to use. PS4 seems to be complicated when it comes to audio, which is frustrating, because streamers use music, team speak software and headphones that all need to be fed in to the right inputs, the complication of which may push people to stream on Xbox rather than PlayStation. Sony making heir system more accessible could be huge for streamers.

A big problem with the next gen systems that people are facing is the lack of memory needed for someone who wants to download all of their games. Both consoles come with 500GB of memory and each big AAA game costs you an average 50GB, which adds up to only 10 games. With the PS4, you can manually change your hard drive to another 2 inch drive. This can be intimidating, though, if you are not acquainted with hardware, and if you already have games saved to the stock hard drive, it becomes even more complicated. The stock Xbox One hard drive cannot be replaced, but an external drive can be added using the USB on the back of the console. This seems to be a much easier way to go about this process, and the addition of this feature to PS4 is just a software update away and could be extremely useful.

And finally, something that people have wanted from a Playstation update for a very long time is name changing. On PlayStation you are forever stuck with the name you choose when you first make your account. So when seventh grade you made some absurd/obscene name, your college student self is doomed to an eternity of ButtMunch206. Xbox has had this name change feature since the 360, with a fee you pay that allows you to completely change your Gamertag. This would be great for PS4 users who have username regret and even for people who simply get bored of their name after some amount of time.

These are probably the biggest things that would make the PS4’s interface and system a lot better, but there are more, smaller tweaks that could be implemented to make things more enjoyable. In the last big update, Sony allowed players to delete trophy lists that were at 0%. This was big for trophy hunters and people who just want to clean up their lists. It was also evidence that Sony is listening to gamers and implementing things that the people want. All we can do now is wait and hope for a big 3.0 update that makes PS4 a much more user friendly system for all us users.