Reminder: The Beginning of Wave 6 Amiibos Starts Tomorrow

We’ve all had our ups and downs about how amiibos have been reserved.  To GameStop’s Wave 4 fiasco to reservations disappearing minutes after they are posted online.  Now, we’ve hit the wave 6 threshold, beginning with R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, and Duck Hunt.  There has been speculations from different sources that GameStop will be receiving an allocation of pre-orders to begin at 9 AM on Saturday, August 8 which have now been confirmed.

Each store will receive a specific allocation of these amiibos (differing from store to store) and will only be reserving them as a 3 pack.  The reservations will not be a Web In Store order, (GameStop’s in-store online feature), but an actual in-store reservation that can be done with a minimum of $5 USD.  As other waves have been, it will only be one reservation per customer and will be done in first come, first serve manner.  Reservations are sure to be filled moments after the store is opened so make sure to secure your place in line at your local GameStop!

Check out the amiibos featured in this 3 pack below: