Two Pokémon Apps Get Big Updates

Pokémaniacs can look forward to a few new things when it comes to two of the company’s mobile apps. Camp Pokémon along with Pokémon TV have both been given updates to give fans more content to enjoy.

Camp Pokémon receives new games to play including a TCG memory game, the ability to scan your own cards in order to receive prizes, allowing you to decorate pictures with some of your favorite Pokémon and so much more. There’s even a Pokémon Theater where you can watch certain videos like the Eevee and Friends short. You can download Camp Pokémon from iTunes and check out the new content in the video below.

The Pokémon TV app, which allows you to watch episodes from a variety of seasons, will now allow you to stream right from your own television. Using Chromecast from your phone, tablet or laptop will let you play the episodes right where it belongs, on TV. However, you will need the Chromecast USB device first. Download Pokémon TV from iTunes or the Google Play Store.