Guerrilla Games Wants to Help You Cosplay as Aloy

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and to help you imitate their newest heroine Guerrilla Games has given you a guide.

Cosplay is a craft and when done right can look amazing. It’s such a big deal that people actually get paid purely to create outfits and wear them at conventions. So, to presumably level the playing field, Guerilla has given everyone a guide to help craft some genuine looking Aloy gear.

The guide pretty much gives you everything. It tells you what her gear is mainly made out of, how you should go about crafting it–apparently by whip stitching–and even where you should place some eyeliner and fake freckles.

Though Guerrilla Games has released a cosplay guide Horizon Zero Dawn still doesn’t have a release date, but is expected sometime in 2016 exclusively on PlayStation 4.