Name a Bar, Win SteamWorld Heist

The lovely folks over at Image & Form have been running a series of challenges with their community, with the prize being a copy of their forthcoming game, SteamWorld Heist.  The new SteamWorld is a turn-based side-scrolling action strategy shooter, which isn’t a particularly crowded gaming genre, but as I got to see back in March at PAX East it’s actually a lot of fun.  So what’s better than a great new game set in a steampunk robot universe with a near-original (or at least rarely used) gameplay hook?  Earning a free copy of that game by doing something that’s actually fun, of course.  The new challenge is to name a bar found in the game, and that’s a challenge that’s too good to pass up.

The rules are simple- head over to this blog post at the Image & Form web site, leave your ideas in the comments at the bottom of the page, and wait to see if your name is a good one.  The bars are visited by your robot crew between one heist and the next, used as places to gather info, buy supplies, and hire new members.  This makes them sound fairly seedy, so the possibilities are limitless.  As inspiration, here’s a list of bars that actually exist in the real world-

Psycho Suzi’s Moto Lounge and Tiki Garden
Death & Co.
The Famous Cock
Experimental Cocktail Club
Hard Time & Misery Saloon
The Elusive Camel
The Pyrotechnists Arms
The Legend of Oily Johnnies
Tin ‘n’ Lint

And on like that for a good long while.  Personally, I’ve always thought the Culture Club song Church of the Poison Mind would make a great bar name, but go nuts and see if you can come up with something unique.  You’ve got until 5:59PM Easter Time on August 16th, which is a minute before midnight in Europe, to try your hand at naming the seediest steambot dives the shattered corpse of a planet can hide.