New Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo Details Coming Soon

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo will have new details revealed sometime this week, Telltale Games communications manager Laura Perusco has confirmed.

Perusco made the announcement on Twitter today, in which she also added that she “Can’t wait to see how folks handle this one.”

While Perusco didn’t specifically mention that Telltale plans to announce a release date for the fourth episode in the five-part series, the community manager tweeted last week that she had played through Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo, suggesting that the developer has pretty much finished the development on the penultimate episode.

Telltale recently announced that it would be holding a live playthrough session of Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo at PAX Prime later this month.

“We’ll need all 500 audience members to help us steer the decisions in this penultimate episode of the season, so come equipped with your shouty voice and ready to participate in an evening that should be loads of fun (and probably just a little bit ridiculous),” Telltale wrote on its official blog.

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo will be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS and Android devices.

Episode 3: Catch a Ride, which was released near the end of June, received a near-perfect score from Hardcore Gamer, as we said in our review that it’s “a fantastic entry into a fantastic series, but it [also] sets the stage for a thrilling final two episodes.”

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