Bandai Namco To Publish ‘Get Even’

Remember that freaky first person shooter announced a year or two ago at E3 called Get Even? Nope. But if you go back and look at the trailer, it does look cool. It was a concept trailer, however, and didn’t show much of what the game would actually be like. What it did show was a date at the end, and that date was 2015, but we haven’t heard from the game since, and it had seemed to be lost in the ether.

But today Bandai Namco announced that it would be publishing the game and helping with parts of the production. The announcement of a publisher mostly means that the game will be able to be made quicker and that it will be able to ship internationally.

Developers The Farm 51 say that they are excited to work with Bandai Namco and that the company is giving them full control creatively, which is always good to hear. The game itself is supposed to be a cinematic and mature story told from a first person shooter point of view. In the trailer, there are military looking men weaving through an old, rundown warehouse as they try to save a girl who has been tied up and held hostage for some reason. Throughout the cinematic, though, there is weird, techno-looking lines and numbers flying around the screen that look very Matrix-esque. The trailer ends with the line “What is real?”.

Little else is known, but now that the game is back in business, surely more is soon to come.