Everspace Will Be Hyper-Colorful Roguelike Free Roaming Space Combat

Everspace landed on Kickstarter last week like it was 2012 all over again.  It has a substantial budget and a video that puts every cent of its asking price on the screen, and a pitch that makes wanting to dive into its universe an incredibly appealing idea.  Basically, Everspace is a rogue-like set in a fantasy universe filled with incredible environments to blast your way through, hunting down enemies and resources to get strong enough to survive the next area.  The gameplay is far more arcade than space-sim, although that doesn’t mean combat is a simple matter of shooting and being shot until death.  Received damage effects specific ship systems, influencing its handling and abilities in a way that has to be taken into account if you don’t want to be blown out of the sky.

Each new game of Everspace will be a journey through a number of different areas towards a final goal, and each area has enemies and resources to deal with.  Resources can be used to fix combat damage and upgrade systems, but only for that individual run.  On death your ship is reset, except you get to keep any money and blueprints you’ve earned.  These can then be applied to the starting ship, so while you may not start the next run quite so tricked out as you were on death, you’ll have earned permanent upgrades to help progress that much farther in future attempts.  Each run also reveals different aspects of the overarching story, allowing you to put a few more narrative pieces into the jigsaw-puzzle plot.

There’s a lot more going on in the video below, such as first- and third-person perspective and a few shots where the field of view and wandering reticle clearly show off VR support.  Honestly though?  I just want to fly through ridiculously pretty space scenery with a big gun and lots of enemies, and if Everspace delivers on the video’s promise then I’m feeling pretty good about coming out of this one happy.  The Kickstarter campaign has been running for a few days and has already topped 50% of its $244,000 goal, so whether you decide to back this or wait to see what the final game looks like, odds are excellent there’s going to be a shiny new space shooter lighting up the universe with its incandescent laser fire.