Rocket League’s First Paid DLC and Free Update Available Now

Here’s a PSA for you: Rocket League‘s first batch of downloadable content, the “Supersonic Fury” pack, is available now, as well as the more exciting free update.

The free update, rolling out to everyone at the moment, adds the new “Utopia Coliseum” map, a spectator mode, 3v3 ranked mode, more than 70 new country flags, a new song in the soundtrack and new customization options to make up for the game’s launch server problems.

And that’s the free update. On to the paid stuff.

The Supersonic Fury pack will set you back $3.99 and nets you two new cars—one a classic American muscle car and one a ’90s-era Japanese street racer—and a heaping of new customization options like paint jobs, decals, wheels and rocket boost styles.

It’s a modest update for the paid option, but frankly, with most of us getting the game for free through PlayStation Plus and the free update adding a bunch of new content and features, if nothing else, just think of the Supersonic Fury pack as putting a few bucks in Psyonix’s tip jar. I also really appreciate that the big features go to everyone to keep the player base whole.