Twitch is Trying to Beat Dark Souls

Having beat two games Twitch Plays now has its sights set on beating Dark Souls, and its going about as well as you’d think.

If you haven’t followed this craziness then then their accomplishments might surprise you. The chat-input-based gaming that is Twitch Plays has somehow managed to beat both Metal Gear and the Original Pokemon. Now, on their third trip, it seems they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.

Dark Souls is not a trivial game. It’s not a game that you sit down with on a nice afternoon just looking to unwind. It’s a game that even the most veteran of gamers have a hard time with and thousands of people playing at once are trying to beat it. As of right now they’re stuck in the area right after your first encounter with the Asylum Demon. Meaning they’ve only successfully started the game and made it through that room once. They’ve bested the archer in the hallway, but sadly not the hallway itself.

If you’re into watching train wrecks or people playing a video game very very badly then follow this link. If you’re not into the aforementioned you should still follow it. It just might be hard to watch through your hands because won’t be able to stop facepalming.