Stories: The Hidden Path Revealed for PlayStation 4

While there have been quite a few out-of-nowhere duds on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (namely Submerged and Red Goddess: Inner World), there is always the possibility that a game can come out of nowhere and win us over on its way to becoming the next great indie darling. Action-RPG Stories: The Hidden Path was revealed for PlayStation 4 today, and it hopes to lay the charm on thick in its quest to gain fame on Sony’s flagship console.

Stories: The Hidden Path will use a storybook mechanic that causes the world to constantly evolve with each turn of the page, and while the story of a hero attempting to protect the world might seem a bit cliche, it fits right in with the vibe of this colorful title. What’s more, Stories: The Hidden Path will be at PAX Prime this month in booth #6912, and will likely have a 2016 release date.