Waves 2 Coming In Like the Tide

It’s been nearly four years since the twin-stick shooter Waves came out and that means it’s well past time for a sequel.  Sadly, the Kickstarter for Waves: Arena Tactics didn’t work out, but that just means the sequel progress has been very slow rather than nonexistent.  While Waves: Arena Tactics is on the back burner for now, Waves 2 is under development as part of a plan to fund its proper sequel, which has been renamed from Tactics to Notorious.  To get a proper Waves 2, however, another step backwards is required and that’s a port of Waves 1 to the Unreal 4 engine.  It all makes sense, in the way that very simple logic can create complicated chains of cause and effect.

So! As explained over at the Squid in a Box blog, Step the First is to get experience with Unreal Engine 4, which works primarily with C++ rather than UDK’s UnrealScript.  The best way to do this is to port an existing game over, and seeing as Waves is just sitting there it’s the one that’s getting the update.  That’s what’s happening now, and by all reports it’s progressing nicely.  Next up is Waves 2, which will have the advantage of coding experience to help it along.  Then, finally, Squid in a Box can resume in earnest its early-2014 plans of creating Waves: Arena Tactics Notorious.  If everything goes as hoped then one of the better arena twin-stick shooters will get a nice update with more shininess and particles everywhere, and maybe co-op and other new modes if things go especially well.  Then it’s on to working on sequels, finally addressing the wait for more Waves.  It’s been a long time on the horizon, but the Waves are bound to roll in eventually.