Amiibo Wave 5b Stock Numbers at Target Released

Today, Reddit user FlagSnapple released a list of all the amiibos that Target will have available both in store and online for wave 5b, (Olimar, Dr. Mario, 8-Bit Classic Mario, Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf, and Yarn Yoshi).  You can check out the complete list of amiibos as well as their allocation numbers here and it looks like there will plenty to go around of each character.

The list reveals that Target will be receiving each of the Yarn Yoshi variants but doesn’t reveal the allocation amounts, (we will probably have to check back at a later date).

A rather surprising discovery is the amount of Dr. Mario amiibos that will be available.  It seems that Nintendo is finally listening to its western fan base and producing more of these figures, lowering the number of scalpers (which seems to be diminishing slowly as the GameStop 3-pack is still available on their website and in some store locations).

Hopefully we will see pre-orders opening up soon for these figures as they will become available September 11.