Dear God, Red Ash Has Another Crowdfund Started

There has been another crowdfunding effort started for Red Ash THE ANIMATION -Magicicada-.

This time Studio 4℃ is looking to add 30 minutes worth of time to their film in the form of crowdfunding with three goals in mind, and yes this one is a mess as well.

Studio 4℃ is hoping to fund $260,000 and have split this effort into two separate stages. The first goal is to raise $127,118 of a total $260,000, including Kickstarter funds. $127,118 will be crowdfunded through STUDIO4℃FUN& while the second, totaling at $120,000, is through Motion Gallery, and that’s for the Japanese. This in combination with the excess of what’s been raised through Kickstarter, a grand total of $12,882, will allow the campaign to reach it’s $260,000. But wait there’s more.

After one of the platforms reaches its goal STUDIO4℃ will confirm the production of the second stage. If the grand total of $260,000 isn’t reached by Oct. 14 STUDIO4℃ will try and secure the rest of the funds through another source. If neither platform is met whatever is collected will be used to extend the run time (in proportion to what was raised), making a spin-off story of the main characters, or used towards an opening animation.

If $260,000 is met then the studio will go after a 3rd goal. If you feel so inclined to throw more money at this campaign you can do so here. If you’ve already backed, but for whatever reason want to send more money you can also upgrade your previous pledge. This effort will run until Oct. 14.