Get Acquainted With Little Battlers Experience in New Trailer

It’s been a fairly quiet summer for 3DS, but Nintendo and Level-5 are out to convince owners to blow the dust off their dual-screened handhelds with Little Battlers Experience. The first in Level-5’s series to release in the west, LBX follows the anime of the same name currently airing on Nicktoons centered around kids competing against each other using small, customizable robots. A new trailer released today offers all the info you need to decide whether LBX is up your alley or not, and shows surprising signs of depth.

LBX lets players customize their own palm-sized robots, with over 130 models and over 4000 unique parts, to battle their way to the top. You can even compete with up to five friends in local multiplayer battles, enjoying 20 maps featuring a variety of locales. Level-5 is known for creating solid, charming, and accessible games, so LBX has a lot to live up to; Only time will tell if it’s up to the task.