TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam Starts Today

Last week we shared the news that Nyu Media were planning on launching their first visual novel game jam. Well, today’s the start of the competition!

The TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam 2015 begins today as a free opportunity for anyone with the TyranoBuilder engine to craft a brand new visual novel. Here are the rules:

  • Games must incorporate game jam theme of “united by fate”
  • Must be Windows or Mac application or browser game
  • Around 30 minutes long to complete
  • Must be created with TyranoBuilder software
  • Each group/individual may only submit one game
  • Must be in English

This jam is being hosted on itch.io meaning when you’re ready to submit you’ll have to do so via that indie-friendly website. All submissions must be turned in by the contest end date of midnight PST on September 18. TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam 2015 offers three paid prizes which total up to $1,000 in rewards.