Splatoon and Transformers Team Up for Next North American Splatfest

Nintendo of America has announced that Splatoon’s next Splatfest will let players choose between Autobots or Decepticons, doing their part to continue the age-old squabble between the enemy Transformer factions. Set to begin at 9 PM PST on August 28 and end at the same time the following day, upcoming Splatfest is the first in North America to feature a partnership with another company’s IP or products, a tactic Nintendo has used in past Japanese Splatfests.

Transformers is a powerful franchise, and its partnership with Splatoon could convince some Wii U owners still on the fence to take the plunge into Splatoon. If you’re still not sure if Nintendo’s joyous online shooter is for you, why not try the free Global Testfire demo available this weekend? And for those of you that are already up to your ears in ink, which team will you support? All I have to say is: Autobots, roll out.