Bungie Explains how Progression works in Destiny: The Taken King

The Taken King is bringing a lot of changes to the world of Destiny. The Taken King isn’t just as expansion, but also a retooling of many of Destiny’s mechanics. During a livestream presentation today, Bungie showcased the changes made to the progression system in The Taken King.

As we learned from Gamescom, Light Levels have been scrapped. Previously, players needed to collect gear that increased their Light Level and their overall level. That’s gone in The Taken King. replaced with a more traditional level system. Today, we’ve learned what happens to all those Levels you’ve accumulated over the year. When a player logs in September 15 they will automatically be leveled up to the current level they are at right now. If you have a level 34 Titan today, you will have a level 34 Titan when The Taken King launches.

Bungie also detailed what they have in store for new players, or old players starting new characters who may not want to play through the story of the first game. Every copy of the game will come with an a Spark of Light, a unique item that will automatically boost the character to level 25 and equip them with appropriate gear. All new characters will have to play the first mission from the main campaign, but after that can visit the postmaster and collect the Spark.

Bounties, which provide a bountiful amount of experience, have also been tweaked in The Taken King. Players can now carry up to 16 bounties, double what you could hold in Year 1. A new feature allows players to tag up to four bounties and track them via the main HUD. It appears much faster than sorting through the inventory screens.

Destiny: The Taken King is out September 15 on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.