Witch Tuning Showcased in New Stella Glow Trailer

Stella Glow, the upcoming strategy RPG published by ATLUS and developed by Imageepoch, has a curious mechanic in it: witch tuning.

The game centers around the five witches of the world (four good, one bad…when you’re called Hilda the witch of Destruction, you get pigeonholed) and their use of song magic. They are the only ones left in the world that can wield this magic, and what good is a song if it’s out of tune?

That’s why Alto, the game’s protagonist, has the ability to literally “tune” the witches. In doing so, he’ll enter the witch’s heart and have to combat all the anxiety, fears, and nightmares plaguing her psyche.

And because Stella Glow operates on a revolving cycle of Free Time/Mission Time, players will have to make crucial decisions to build bonds with the witches they choose in order to gain enough trust to Tune them.

Witch tuning is one of several game mechanics at play in the overarching story of Stella Glow, due out exclusively for 3DS this holiday.

Check out a trailer showcasing the witch tuning below: