Bob Was Hungry is Now Available on Steam

Side-scrolling precision platformer Bob Was Hungry has players bouncing through level-shaped death traps as an alien bob looking for food. Interestingly enough, bobs prefer cheese so they journey the universe looking for it and other things to eat.

This of course leads players to strange, extraterrestrial locales which boil down to some difficult platforming and traversal. As a bob, players can hop on walls and control the trajectory of their jumps. There are collectible condiments in every level which allow time-recording and also go into unlocking even harder versions of each map.

Bob Was Hungry supports online cooperative and competitive play with up to 8 players. Players can choose whether to share lives in co-op, or race each other. With over 170 levels and a discounted price of $9.99 (for Windows only) until September 2, developer Shorebound Studios is not messing around.

Take a look at the game’s trailer below. Those interested in the challenge can grab Bob Was Hungry on Steam here.