Azure Striker Gunvolt is Coming to Steam Next Week

Just over a year ago today, Mega Man-inventor Keiji Inafune’s fast-paced, 2D side-scrolling, action-platformer Azure Striker Gunvolt graced the Nintendo 3DS with it’s electric-themed gameplay and dynamic background music. We thought it was pretty neat.

Now, Azure Striker Gunvolt will be coming to Steam and developer Inti Creates has seen fit to include a nice amount of new features with it as well. For starters, the Steam version of Gunvolt will still have the second screen from the 3DS version. Since the Nintendo 3DS had two screens, the original Gunvolt made use of both screens. As such, both screens are still in the Steam version of the game, but their layout can be customized. There will also be a Japanese voice track option, along with a new Russian language localization. There will be Steam trading cards and a new Speedrun Mode for those who aren’t satisfied just beating a game.

To sweeten the deal on top of all that, there are also planned monthly updates and new features which will be added to the game over the course of the six months following its release. Similar to before, people who buy the Steam version of Gunvolt within a month after it’s release will also receive Mighty Gunvolt for free. Mighty Gunvolt is an 8-bit platformer nearly identical in aesthetic to the original Mega Man games. It features the titular Gunvolt and Mighty No. 9’s Beck as playable characters among others, we quite liked it.

PC-owning Mega Man and Mega Man Zero fans will want to take note, not to mention anyone who likes side-scrolling platformers. Take a look at the Steam version trailer for the game below. Azure Striker Gunvolt will cost $14.99 and hits Steam next week on August 28.